I’m Amy.

I’m a Transformation coach & confidence healer. i’ll guide you TO ignite your fire & blaze your dream path.


As one of the UK’s leading experts in confidence, transformation and healing, I support people who are unfulfilled and burning out, to reawaken their inner fire so they can turn their life around and manifest their dreams. I’ll guide you to overcome every block — the fear of being judged, rejection, perfectionism, failure, childhood wounds, overthinking, comparison and self-sabotage — so you can harness fierce levels of confidence, purpose, pleasure, self-love, creativity and a future that’s more amazing and abundant than your wildest dreams.

Through my 121 and group coaching programs, events, retreats and my podcast The Amy Rushworth Show, I get down to the deep emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual roots of what holds you back, so you can heal on every level (beyond the conscious mind) and are free to pursue what lights your soul up.

When you are in-tune with your energy and emotions, your life will dramatically change on the outside. Through my holistic coaching, healing and mentoring methods, it’s my mission to help you transform everything in your life from how you feel about yourself, to your career, your purpose, your relationships, your body image, your wealth and your health. I’m here to help you reignite your spark and master your energy, so you can manifest the type of transformation that lasts a lifetime.


my own transformation began at rock bottom.

This mission found me, following my own battles with childhood trauma, addictions, burnout and a disordered body image. After years of pushing myself to the limit, faking my way through life and neglecting my true desires, I found myself in the grips of a mental health (PTSD) crisis that left me physically, mentally and spiritually burnt out. I started radically rebuilding every aspect of my life from the ground up and in the space of 5 transformative years, I’ve evolved from a wounded, lost girl into an empowered, confident woman healing lives and making a difference in the world. Rock bottom helped me rediscover my burning desire for life and the gifts I had to share. I discovered first-hand, how powerful our beliefs, experiences and emotions are — especially the ones we don’t want to face or acknowledge. When I stopped running away from my past and focused on healing the insides, the outside started to flow and thrive easily. I healed my well-being, moved to London, met my soulmate, started my business and now my “dream day” is my “everyday”.


Want to be friends?

I have a feeling the Universe brought us together for a reason —these chance encounters are never coincidental are they? I’m an old soul who made her way to London and turned her confidence, self-worth and life around from a dark rock bottom place. I went on a journey of personal development that led me to quitting my job spontaneously and moving abroad, starting my dream business, healing my mind and meeting my soulmate. I’d love to get to know you more, on a deeper level. I’d love to tell you more about how you can manifest your dreams too.

Everything I do and create is to give you the real-world tools to become powerfully confident and turn your dreams into reality. You can work with me 1-2-1 by application, or join my globally-acclaimed group coaching program — the ‘Make Your Magic’ Academy (which launches twice a year). I also facilitate global retreats in luxury locations throughout Europe and Bali, and provide confidence-focused business mentoring for women in the business of wellness. Just dipping your toe into this world of confidence, manifestation and blazing your dream path? I’ve got you covered! I’ve got a whole library of Free Resources just for you.

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