I am one of London's leading speakers in the personal development, spiritual & wellness industry.

Speaking is one of my greatest passions, because I love to share positivity and motivate others to feel confident, mentally well, motivated and happy. I am available as a keynote speaker for industry events, panel talks and corporate well-being workshops.


Many of the clients I work with struggle with low confidence, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, mental health concerns and hormonal conditions. All of these conditions affect not only the quality of their life, but also the quality of their relationships, their levels of fulfilment, their productivity and their careers.

In my previous corporate career, I struggled with panic attacks, low confidence and a fear of speaking up at work about my mental health. This led to poor performance, mental health issues, burnout and pneumonia. Healthy living is not simply about food and fitness, but nourishing our minds, engaging in purposeful work, cultivating healthy relationships and creating workplaces that offer a sense of community and connectedness.

Due to my own experiences, Iā€™m a passionate advocate for promoting mental health discussions and support in the workplace. Many of the coaching clients I work with describe a fear of speaking up about their struggles with their employer - as a result, they suffer in silence and their confidence at work does too. When you nourish your people mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually - you not only create a supportive happy community, but you create a culture of A-players.

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Igniting Confidence, Courage + Clarity

  • Overcoming self-sabotage, comparison and the fear of being judged

  • Overthinking + perfectionism ā€” why we do it, how to overcome it

  • Harnessing the masculine + feminine energies for more success + alignment

  • The 4-Step Process for igniting confidence in any area of your life

Transform Your Challenges + Manifest Your Dream Life

  • How rock bottom can be your solid foundation for transformation

  • Raising your vibration to consciously manifest anything you want

  • Why breakups + breakdowns are the portal to deeper self-love + connection

  • How to transcend your limiting beliefs and build unstoppable self-belief

Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Life

  • How To Heal Your Pain + Reconnect to Pleasure

  • From Surviving To Thriving ā€” tools to change your life from the inside out

  • Why Childhood Wounds, People Pleasing + Poor Boundaries Are Draining Your Energy

  • Overcoming Burnout + Rediscovering Purpose