conquer self doubt masterclass

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20th October, 9pm UK time

amy wright wellness with amy

How often have you read a book or attended a workshop that totally inspired you to change your life, you raved about it for a week… then never implemented any of it or followed through with action? I too was like this for years, stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and no confidence… Until I discovered how to banish the inner critic in my head, overcome the emotional plateau and summon the big courage I needed to transform my life.   

In this online Masterclass I’ll be talking you through how to feel your fears, but still follow through, and how you can take inspired, confident actions TODAY towards your big goals.

Imagine if your vision board wasn’t a distant dream, but instead a snapshot into your soon-to-be reality. Imagine if you weren’t stuck in self-doubt and you knew exactly how to navigate those overwhelming barriers to your goals. Imagine if you could learn the tools, to step towards those dreams starting right now. It’s all possible for you and I will show you how I did it.

You’re perfect for this Masterclass if…

  • You feel like you’ve lost control, you’re just going through the motions and you want to know exactly HOW to embark on a new direction.

  • You feel stuck – emotionally, financially or personally – and deep down, you know you were meant for so much more than your current reality.

  • You’ve lost confidence, but you want it back and you’re so ready to step up to the life you’ve always desired.

Amy wright masterclass wellness with amy

You’ll gain insights into:

  • How to get unstuck and align your life with what’s important to you

  • How to radically change your life with a few small mindset shifts

  • The tools I personally used to change my life in under 2 years

  • The number 1 secret behind true confidence

20th October, 9pm UK time

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