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In 8 weeks from now you could be wildly confident & blazing your dream path. Are you ready to GET your SPARK BACK?

This transformational online academy is my proven 8 week online training program that guides you step-by-step to heal from unhealthy patterns and fully ignite your confidence on EVERY level. This is deep work. And YOU are so worth it. I give you the transformational support, practical tools + healing techniques you need to transform your self criticism and overthinking, into lasting, soulful confidence and self-awareness. You will be mentored and guided on every step on your journey, alongside an amazing group of likeminded women from all over the world who are ready to heal their mind and manifest their dreams.

This fully-online academy is available worldwide. It’s open to EVERY woman from any walk of life – whether you’re dipping your toe into the world of personal growth or you’re a seasoned self-help junkie that’s tried every course and seminar there is.  You are welcome here and you are never alone. The academy is a fully-confidential, non-judgmental and safe soul space for sisters to connect — there is no topic, challenge, shameful secret or emotion that is out-of-bounds.

This academy is the foundation for the rest of your LIFE.

This is more than a course. This is more than an 8-week journey. It will change the way you see yourself forever, showing you step by step how to upgrade confidence, move beyond your inner critic and tap into your true potential. Using a specific blueprint I’ve developed, you’ll learn how to transcend your limiting beliefs, perfectionism, overthinking, poor self-worth and self-loathing, and start taking aligned action towards freedom, happiness and major confidence in yourself.

The work you do in this academy will benefit you far beyond the course. Like many of our alumni students, you will look back one day and remember this decision as the moment you truly changed your life. Many previous students have gone on to create radical life changes which they attribute fully to the coaching, guidance and transformational work they undertook during this academy.


“I cannot recommend this Academy more. If you are ready to dig deep and create a life of your dreams, Jump in. It will change your life.”

I knew I felt lost, I was really suffering from anxiety, saying terrible things to myself and wasn’t enjoying my job. I felt like I was stuck on a crappy round-about and I’d had enough. I had hit rock bottom yet again. The academy was my breakthrough. I can now say, hand on heart, the past eight weeks has changed my life. Some of the biggest changes I’ll share below:

I discovered my purpose. I now know what I am here to do and can’t wait to dig deep and start my own business!
I released SO much trauma that I didn’t even realise was holding me back.
I fell in love with my husband all over again, as he did with me.
I have become a more present mum to my daughter.
I stopped dieting, which is huge for me. I have suffered from body dysmorphia and yo-yo dieted my whole life. I now love and respect my body so much.
I was offered a promotion! I went from hating my job to loving and cherishing it and even my manager has noticed a massive change in me (enough to pull me aside to tell me he is blown away by the impact my new mindset is having on the team).

I cannot recommend this Academy more. If you are ready to dig deep and make and create a life of your dreams. Jump in. It will change your life.


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“This was the most amazing experience of my life. I’ve had therapy for over 10 years, but I can honestly say I’ve turned a corner in the Academy.”

I got so much out of the academy that I’ve now left my corporate job and I’m training as a coach myself and starting my own business! Amy is a such a supportive, authentic and generous coach who really makes you feel so comfortable sharing your experiences in the weekly calls and often shared her own insights. I left the calls feeling so inspired and supported and looked forward to them every week. When I joined I was in a really challenging point in my life — I lacked confidence in my corporate job, my relationships and knowing who I was. I have had therapy for over 10 years and have read many self-help books, but I can wholeheartedly say that I’ve turned a corner in the Academy. I felt like an imposter at work and with the support of Amy and the other women I built the confidence to ask my boss to give me a pay rise. Before beginning the programme I could not imagine being assertive and confident enough to do this.





Including weekly videos, intensive worksheets & resources


Powerful group coaching calls, where you will be personally mentored, supported and motivated on your confidence journey

real-life “assignments”

Daily and weekly exercises and actions to help you implement your learnings and manifest confidence in your real life

24/7 support circle

Private Facebook Community where we speak daily, support one another and offer accountability and inspiration

24/7 lifetime access

Because the academy videos & resources are digital and downloadable, you can login or download everything to work through at your own pace.


For those who want extra 121 support, there is now a VIP Enrolment Option — where you receive private mentoring from Amy during your Academy journey.


special bonuses:

If you sign up to Make Your Magic at this time you’ll also get access to my exclusive Resources Vault, full of confidence building tools, book recommendations, audio trainings, meditations, recipes, well-being advice & so much more.


Imagine having total confidence in yourself.

Confidence through failure.

Confidence in the face of rejection.

Confidence to be who you REALLY are.

Confidence to take ACTION towards what lights you up and sets your spark alive!

You can. It starts here, with one small leap.

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The choice is yours, lovely.

you could look back in a year and remember this moment.

The moment you chose to transform your world forever.


What previous members had to say…

“within months of this course, i quit my job and fulfilled my dream of travelling around asia.”

I attended Amy’s Make Your Magic Academy at the end of 2018 and it was a life changing experience. Within months of completing the course I have left my corporate job in London and went on to fulfill my long lived dream of travelling around Asia. In the last half a year I have travelled around 7 countries in Asia (3 of them twice!), did my yoga teacher training in India, started teaching yoga and moved out of London. Which I wanted to do for a while but was scared of big change.

Most importantly, Amy helped me to clarify and start aligning with my own vision and goals in life. Until this day I continue doing things that scare me on some level and following my inner guidance instead of living my fears. Make Your Magic Academy is a place for those who are ready to change something in their lives and re-discover true inner confidence that sometimes gets lost along the way.


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“i have my power back.”

I am astounded by how much this course has helped me move my life along. I joined when I was feeling lost, low on confidence and my self-esteem was gone. I was nervous, but I’m so thankful I took the leap. Amy was so supportive and motivating — a true guide and inspiring mentor who helped me find my way. One of highlights was connecting with the other women from all over the world in the coaching calls. Everyone was honest, open and non-judgemental, which made me feel less alone knowing they were going through the same struggles. There was SO much support when I had a few 'wobbles' which was amazing. Amy is so patient, thorough and compassionate. Her guidance really helped me and armed me with the tools to love and accept myself, how to be true to me and how to listen to my instincts. I now see my ‘failures’ as opportunities and I’ve learnt invaluable lessons for life. I feel something has really shifted for me. I have my ‘power’ back.



“I am so grateful for this academy — it dealt with issues I hadn’t even recognised and opened my mind up to a whole new way of life.”

Before I started this journey, I had hit rock bottom. I felt helpless and the people closest to me didn’t know how to help. Enter my hero, Amy. When I started this course I was anxious, having panic attacks, uncontrollable bursts of rage and jealousy. The academy helped me discover the root cause of my problems, break down emotional barriers and deal with issues I never dealt with properly. Week by week, my mindset shifted into a positive and happier one. I started to share my feelings, feel more grateful and attract healthier relationships.

Amy was supportive 100% of the way. When we were quiet, she encouraged us to speak up. When I was embarrassed to share what was going on, she opened herself up, providing us with examples of her own stories to encourage us to continue with our own journeys. I am so grateful for this academy — it dealt with issues I hadn’t even recognised, and opened my mind up to a whole new way of thinking. I started this course in the busiest time of my life. I was studying and working 7 days a week — the academy kept me inspired and able to push through. If you are reading this testimonial, then take this as your sign… I promise you, this is your chance and Amy will be the most amazing coach you could ever hope for. 



“I am grateful to Amy for my current sense of self-worth and confidence and I have learned to trust myself fully.”

I had always struggled with low confidence and self-worth. I always admired confidence in others but I couldn’t figure out how to apply this to my own life. I wanted to be able to believe in and trust myself, to celebrate my successes and release my failures but in the past I struggled with debilitating anxiety, depression and the fears of not fitting in. Committing to this academy was a big step that cemented a huge shift in me, showing myself that I was worth this commitment and that it is okay and worth it to invest in myself. This academy empowered me from the very first module, bringing me so much joy and motivation to continue forward with enthusiasm and determination.

Amy is a ray of sunshine who is truly invested in her clients. She guides you and brings together such a wonderful supportive community of women cheering each other on, which persisted even after the academy was completed. I am grateful to Amy for my current sense of self-worth and confidence and I have learned to trust myself fully. I could not recommend this course more highly to anyone who is looking to do a deep dive into the narratives they have been allowing to run their lives and regain control of their self-belief and confidence.




When you join the MYM community, you’ll go through a step-by-step syllabus
that empowers you every week, through the ups, the downs and the victories…

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Ready to get your sparkle back?

“confidence requires action. if you want a big change, you have to be prepared to make a change.”

— Amy Rushworth

Frequently Asked Questions!

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts runs LIVE for 8 weeks. You will head into the next season of your life feeling absolutely empowered, AMAZING and in charge of your entire life. In 8 weeks you’ll reset your patterns, your power and your confidence. BUT, you’ll have access to the tools and techniques for life, because you can digitally download every single resource, recording and tool available in the academy. Make sure you take full advantage of everything — these are tools for a lifetime.

is it a live course or self-paced?

BOTH! You take the course live with your new soul sisters, bonding and sharing in our 8 x Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls and connecting in real-time. If you’re a VIP member, you’ll also be working with me 1-2-1 to ensure you are showing up, supported fully and creating huge transformations in your life, through action (not just theory and information like other courses out there).

It can also be a completely self-paced online course too if you decide you want to continue to repurpose the lessons, later in your life. The content and techniques are designed to be re-used and reapplied to all different areas and chapters of your life, so I encourage you to re-engage with the content again and again after the course finishes. We record the group calls so you can watch them back at a time that works for you — they’re great for a reminder or a nudge when you’re having a tough moment or need some inspiration. You can download all the resources and recordings in the academy and can login for as long as the academy is maintained on the Teachable platform*.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like because all the resources are digital and downloadable across any and all devices you own. You’ll also be a lifetime member of the private Facebook community. All the resources are downloadable, so they are yours forever. The group calls are live and exclusive to the dates you take the academy, but you’ll be able to download the replays of any calls you miss.


I do offer payment plans, which can be arranged directly with me by emailing