“This is the best journey I have ever been on. you wouldn't recognise the person I am today.”

Amy supported me through the most difficult chapter of my life. I found it so hard to believe that I would ever know what my purpose was, feel fulfilled, confident or have self worth - but I can proudly say I absolutely do now! Amy’s ability to show vulnerability, to be open and the fact that I could relate to previous situations she encountered meant that I immediately had respect, could be vulnerable and I knew I wasn’t on my own.

There aren’t enough words for me to express how grateful I am to Amy. If you’re looking for a major transformation, confidence and self worth then Amy is your woman. She’s an inspiration, her positive energy is contagious and I always leave our sessions believing anything is achievable. I’ve changed my lifestyle and career to fulfil my values and I found the confidence to leave my job and pursue my purpose. This is the best journey I’ve ever been on and one I’m so proud of. If mental health could be seen and you were to see a before and after photo you wouldn’t recognise the person I am today.
— Becky, 27 (BUSINESS OWNER)

“I can honestly say that Amy has transformed my life.”

I can honestly say that Amy has transformed my life. From the moment we met, I felt relaxed, encouraged and able to fully open up. Amy has a wonderful energy and warmth about her and is an extremely knowledgeable, talented coach. She helped me set goals and establish positive habits from day one, even though I’d spent 2 years battling anxiety, bingeing and low confidence. With Amy’s help I have completely re-evaluated all aspects of my life and finally have my health and sparkle back. The broad work we did together got to the root causes of many longstanding issues and set me on a new path for good. I feel reset, confident, balanced and motivated for the first time in years, my skin is glowing and I have even dropped the half stone I have been trying to lose for the last 2 years. Amy’s genuine and down to earth approach is spot on, she gives 150% and I feel lucky to be one of her clients and really cannot recommend her enough.
— Jo, 37 (HR Manager)

“Working with her changed my way of thinking completely AND has given me the courage to leave my corporate career and pursue the business of my dreams.”

I crossed with Amy when I was feeling stuck, overworked and unfulfilled. Working with her changed my way of thinking completely, gave me valuable tools that I will use for a lifetime and has given me the courage to leave my corporate career and pursue the business of my dreams. She helped me discover my values and take actions towards the dreams I have, breaking down the limiting beliefs in the way and getting aligned with the woman I really wanted to be.

We created a road-map to my happiness and she supported me to build confidence to make scary decisions that are the most true to my values. Amy radiated positivity at our sessions, and after each call, I was so motivated and energised to work on my next step towards my transformation. Always so supportive and inspiring, Amy is the coach you want to have in your life when you are ready for a change but you’re afraid. I am so grateful I met with Amy and she will always have a special place in my heart for everything she contributed to me.


Working with Amy has been truly life changing. Everything in life became manageable and less scary when working with her and she had my back through the entire process. I came to Amy looking for more clarity and confidence, but I got so much more than that. She helped me build the confidence to explore and find my purpose, chase my dreams and within a few weeks of working with her I made big exciting changes to my life - including booking a new training to change career paths, leaving my job and I’ve now moved abroad.

Amy is one of the most compassionate human beings I’ve ever met. She really knows how to make you feel safe (something I didn’t have before) which allowed me to really be vulnerable. She also challenged me where I needed to be held accountable. It was evident how much she cared for me and wanted me to be the best version of myself. After each session I felt like I could handle anything! Amy helped me to disempower the limiting beliefs and reminded me of my own strength to not only face my past but also to truly, freely live my life as the real me.

I’m forever grateful and really cannot recommend her enough. Amy is like human sunshine. Everyone needs an Amy in their life.

“I lost myself and my sparkle. With Amy's help, I've got it back.”

Working with Amy is the best investment I have EVER made in myself. During my 20s I was confident, social and had a thriving career, but when I became a stay-at-home Mum in my 30s, something shifted. I started comparing myself to other Mums and feeling like a failure. I also suffered from depression after having my daughter - I felt like I lost myself and my sparkle. With Amy’s help, I’ve got it back.

I am now exploring future career options for myself, I’ve discovered a love for personal development and I am feeling confident - I am loving getting to know myself again. I love my kids, but I have also recognised how essential self-love is too, in order to show up as the best mama I can be. I now feel confident that I am both an amazing Mum but I’m also an amazing woman who has so much to offer. I can’t thank Amy more for her support, encouragement and helping me figure out who I am.
— Georgina, 36 (Stay-At-Home Mama)

“I am so excited about my future AND so confident in what I want to do anD I can trust myself to get there.”

It’s hard to describe the impact you have had on me. I’m 10 times more confident and happier than ever before. You taught me so much about what confidence really means and I now feel so content with who I am and where I am in my life. You helped me in so many situations from my career choices, to my aspirations, to all the relationships in my life (plus new ones that wouldn’t have even happened without the confidence I gained from our journey). Before I met you I hated who I was and what I looked like and I was constantly doing what I thought I “should do” rather than what I wanted to do. I didn’t let anyone get close to me and I hid the things I am most passionate about because I thought they were embarrassing. As a result I didn’t have very good relationships or friendships and I attracted the wrong people. I would also not even attempt to take up opportunities for the fear of rejection.

I am now so excited about my future and I am so confident in what I want to do and can trust myself to get there. I now have more secure relationships with family and have had conversations with them I would never had considered before. I am the closest with my real friends that I have ever been and even have a boyfriend now. I am so grateful for our sessions and I am so lucky I found you. I truly believe every single woman would benefit from working with you. You’ve changed my life.

“Amy’s sparkle is contagious - I shine brighter after having worked with her.”

Working with Amy to achieve my goals has been a pleasure. Amy supported me to establish clarity on what I wanted and developed a personalised program to combat my struggles with energy, mental health and exhaustion. Her consistent and courteous approach helped me improve my overall well-being in a way that was not intrusive or overpowering, and introduced a number of daily habits that I still remain committed to. Amy provided me with thoughtful guidance and countless amounts of additional information to further assist me in my journey. Amy’s sparkle is contagious and I shine brighter after having worked with her. Her positivity, kindness and incredible amount of knowledge make her a fantastic coach, and I would highly recommend to anyone with issues big or small.
— Doone, 30 (Social Media Influencer & Founder)

“i was healing from a breakup, stuck in a rut and doing a day job that paid the bills but wasn’t my true calling. with amy i’ve made profound shifts in my life.”

I was healing from a breakup, stuck in a rut with my health and doing a day job that paid the bills but wasn’t really my true calling. Plus I was still dealing with the low self-esteem that I’d struggled with in my teenage years. With Amy, I’ve been able to make profound shifts in my life, which have ricocheted through many areas where I felt stuck. I’m also showing up at work with more commitment, confidence and worthiness, whilst working on an idea for a business I’d like to start next year.

I’ve been on this incredible inner journey of really meeting myself, discovering how I’ve been restricting myself in life and learning to celebrating my unique-ness. The coaching process is the perfect mix of both self-enquiry, inspiration, accountability and support. Amy is an incredible source of both inspiration and guidance and a fantastic coach. She’s also committed to staying totally vulnerable and authentic during her work which has been such a crucial element that helped me to both connect with her and feel held by her. I really cannot recommend her more.

“Amy transformed the way I see myself, which has been life-changing across every area of my life.”

Amy is one of the most inspiring women I know and has had a hugely positive influence on my life (in too many ways to describe in one testimonial). I felt immediately comfortable telling her what was going on in my life, my recent breakup and confiding in her about the many personal and professional challenges I was facing that were killing my confidence and self worth. Amy listened with a compassionate, gentle ear but challenged me where I needed to be held accountable. Before I began coaching, I felt like I was drowning in self-doubt, self-sabotage and I felt stuck in so many areas of my life. Amy helped me to heal my mindset and let go of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back so that I could start calling in the body confidence, money, love and success I am worthy of. Amy has transformed the way I see myself, which has been life-changing across every area of my life.
— Melise, 27 (Actress & Curve Model)